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The Ottersey 2: The War of Kaching

The hero of the first Ottersey, he plays a major role is the Ottersey 2.

A big, strong otter. He was the leader of the Ottersey members defending Mecimia.

A smart hedgehog. He finds his long-lost brother during the Ottersey 2.

Timothy Price
A big and strong badger. All hope depended on him when he managed to escape.

A fast and cool hare. In the end, he plays a major role. He likes to eat.

Cap'n Spider
A fox sailor the Ottersey members encountered in the first Ottersey. He is a good fighter with a good axe.

A rat from Cap'n Spider's crew. He knows the Banisadr song and calls the other Ottersey members to help when Icon and some others are captured.

A wolf the Ottersey members find on their adventure. He helps them defeat Kapu, Raram's second-in-command.

An evil wolf who is Raram's second-in-command. He is smarter than Raram and more cunning but he redeems himself in the end.

A cool owl that flies Pops to the sea. Without him, it would have been too late.

A small mouse who is Nod's old friend and Branch's friend. He was captured and was freed by Timothy Price.

An evil hedgehog who is the 2nd best swordfighter on Raram's army. It is revealed that he is actually Nod's long-lost brother!

A magician vixen that can cast spells. She has good aim and majorly helps the heroes in the end.

A mouse who is Nod's old friend and Widdy's friend. He comes to Widdy's rescue when Widdy is attacked by Mart.

The Caserpent
A serpent that lived deep inside the Molum Mountains. He brought fear to the villagers of Mecimia until he was defeated by Silvera and Timothy Price.

The evil villain eagle of the Ottersey 2. He wants the magical coin, Kaching, so he can rule the lands. It's up to the Ottersey members to stop him.

An evil weasel who was on Cap'n Spider's crew but rebelled against him. He joined Raram's forces, but was defeated by Cap'n Spider when he stole the spring water.