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Update by Scmpoe November 13 2010

So here I was thinking about the games I made way back..which made me think
of this site and come back to visit it. It really is hard to believe that
it's been this long since I last updated this place. Looking at all the
past updates makes me remember when I used to be making updates all the time
and we even had active forums. Well it's a bit removed from that now, but
don't think Goron Planet is going anywhere. I'll keep it up here as long as
Tripod hosts it. And maybe, I'll be more active from now on, because after
all those years of not even touching game making, a new game is most
definitely in the works.

Update by Scmpoe July 21 2007

Wow...I haven't updated for over 6 months. A lot of stuff has happened.
I took a 3-month-long break from Poe but now am back to working on it.
Also, I made a game for a contest a couple of months ago called Digital
Showdown. I'll upload it in a couple of days. However, there's some bad
news: Camp Hyrule 2007 got cancelled, officially because "13 is an unlucky
number" and it's Camp Hyrule's 13 anniversary, but in reality I'm pretty
sure the people at Nintendo just forgot about this year's camp until it
was too late and were too lazy to set it up last-minute. This is pretty
disappointing, but...I have an idea that may save Nintendo fans from their
despair. Check back soon.

Update by Scmpoe January 5 2007

It's 2007!!!! 2006 went by extremely fast. I played Twilight Princess
and I have to say that it's the second best Zelda game yet, second only
to Majora's Mask. i'm at the Temple Of Time dungeon right now. I ripped
a few music tracks from there, and they are the first Twilight Princess
MP3s on the internet! :D Goron Planet-exclusive material!!
Download them here: Gorons' Theme, Gerudo Desert, Night on Hyrule Field.
I've gotta say that the new Goron Theme kicks ass. They took the original
Goron Theme, mixed it with the Oracle Of Ages/Seasons Goron Theme, and
made it much better. Gerudo Desert is a straight up awesome track, and
Night on Hyrule Field is one of the most epic video game songs I've ever
heard. I also like how they used the King Dodongo/Volvagia Boss music
from Ocarina Of Time for the Stallord dinosaur boss in the Desert Temple
in Twilight Princess. When I fought him (a really fun boss btw), it
brought back memories lol. In other news, the Goron Planet RPG which
everyone knew and loves from the old Goron Boards might be making a PoeNet Boards! I'll keep you updated on whether this
will happen. Happy New Years!!

Update by Scmpoe November 5 2006

Welcome to Goron Planet. The site that will never go down,
no matter how popular or unpopular it is :D
After a while of not really having much access to a computer,
I bought a laptop(!!!!) and am now setting it up. I took a too
long break from working on Poe Adventure, and now am back at work. :S
Flame Version 5 has been up for just about a year, and I think
its time for a change....I'm working on a new version of Goron
Planet, which will probably be released...on the same day as the Wii-
November 19, 2006.

Update by Scmpoe September 1 2006

Camp Hyrule 2006 was pretty good. 2003 was the best IMO,
but 2006 was alright, better than 2005 at least. My cabin,
Cabin 9(again) won 1ST PLACE(again)! It ended 2 weeks ago,
but I haven't been able to update until now. Anyway, here are
this year's winners:

Toad Award - Most Sportsman-Like Camper
1st Place : Linxawakening
2nd Place : Super_Flario
3rd Place : FFAdicted
Seven Stars Award - Most Knowledgeable RPG Gamer
1st Place : Cloudiscool
2nd Place : Sky_Dragon
3rd Place : Billythegamer
Koopa Award - Worst Speller
1st Place : ZeldaPhr3ak
2nd Place : The_Guy_On_First
3rd Place : Link_88
Luigi Award - Best Speller
1st Place : Dragonballboyz
2nd Place : He11o
3rd Place : BoSoxBoy3210
Sonic Award - Fastest Typer
1st Place : Wavebeamer67
2nd Place : JJGrimse7
3rd Place : _That_Guy_
Stumpy Award - Most Knowledgeable About Camp Hyrule History
1st Place : Jusdberube
2nd Place : Rhine
3rd Place : Wizard_Anon
Mario Award - Most Helpful Camper
1st Place : Xtreme_bomb128
2nd Place : Rodriguezjr
3rd Place : NDude
Bowser Award - Biggest Troublemaker
1st Place : Antirocketcloudy
2nd Place : Gex1
3rd Place : Slimshady
Skull Kid Award - Spent Most Time In The Lost Woods
1st Place : TSA
2nd Place : Clyder49
3rd Place : _Ganonmetroid_
Candy Kong Award - Friendliest Camper
1st Place : Kevinmon
2nd Place : ModestMr.Green
3rd Place : Hippopotamus
Nintendo Power Award - Most Knowledgeable About Video Games
1st Place : Nintendo_Encyclopedia
2nd Place : Tingle4
3rd Place : Superlink64
Miyamoto Award - Best Name
1st Place : Itsnotmyfault
2nd Place : Cereal-Killer
3rd Place : (Bubblewrap)
Paper Mario Award - Best Artist
1st Place : Arbok_x
2nd Place : Cokeclassic
3rd Place : Zero_lb
Tingle Award - Funniest Camper
1st Place : Pinkyoshi872
2nd Place : Smouse
3rd Place : Riosan
Baby Mario Award - Cutest Camper
1st Place : Claphappy
2nd Place : Uncaffeinated
3rd Place : Princess_Zelda_22
Master Sword Award - Spent Most Time On Bulletin Boards
1st Place : *Emperorpenguin*
2nd Place : Linktetra
3rd Place : Shadowlink19
Triforce Award - Spent Most Time On Chat
1st Place : Internet_Bound20
2nd Place : Inupendi
3rd Place : Yoyoboy

1st Place: Cabin 9 (The Cabin at the End of the Universe) - 4193 Points :D
2nd Place: Cabin 8 (Sages of the Wii Republic) - 4108 Points
3rd Place: Cabin 7 (Cabin We Are Currently Experiencing High Volume Or Technical Difficulties) - 3743 Points
4th Place: Cabin 5 (V-Nauts) - 3181 Points
5th Place: Cabin 1 (The Black Space Knights) - 2987 Points
6th Place: Cabin 3 (Cabin Thwii) - 2986 Points
7th Place: Cabin 10 (Swii10sour Chicken 10ders) - 2865 Points
8th Place: Cabin 4 (Tri4ce) - 2808 Points
9th Place: Cabin 6 (Eon6) - 2529 Points
10th Place: Cabin 2 (R2 Wii2) - 2434 Points

Wii Winner - The_Lost_Ear

Update by Scmpoe August 6 2006

Tomorrow is BC Day! :D I made probably the final upgrade
to Mirrorz Remix. Now, you can actually fight the boss,
which I glitched up in Version 3, again, and now you can
use items online. Also, Camp Hyrule 2006 is coming up soon!

Update by Scmpoe July 13 2006

Over the past year, I've been getting emails from people
with routers asking why they can't connect to each other
in Mirrorz Remix. The reason is because MPlay, the connection
protocol I used, wasn't very router-friendly. You had to port
forward on both computers to be able to play online. So, for
the 1-year anniversary of Mirrorz Remix, I decided to remake
the connection protocol with WinSock. This is a much faster
protocol that actually lets you connect to a game, even with
a router. The host might still have to port-forward port 7901,
but that's not a big problem. Download the new version in the
Games section! Also in Mirrorz news, a brand new project,
Mirrorz Burst, has been started. It'll take a while to develop,
but it will be an all new generation of Mirrorz. :D

Update by Scmpoe May 27 2006

Well I've been away for over 2 months -_-
Goron Planet has over 3000 hits now! :D
Some news are: They renamed the Revolution the Wii
and I finally played Starfox Assault, which is an
awesome game.

Update by Scmpoe March 25 2006

It looks like spring is finally here. All through Spring
break it was cold and raining, but now the good weather is
starting to come :D This main page takes a while to load, so
I made an Old Updates section where all the fairly old updates
will go. I finished the soundtrack and file creation system
for Poe Adventure. Now I'm working on Poe's moves and the
world map. I think I'm gonna put Mega Metroid on hold until
Poe Adventure is finished, cause I wanna finish it by this
June. But I have a feeling it's probably gonna take until
August at least. MothWorks has agreed to host our games, so
that means you'll be able to play Door Closes soon! XD

Update by Scmpoe February 28 2006

SkippyNet has been restored on PoeNet! I FINALLY made the
Chat Tutorial better, and fixed the non-working chat. I
also uploaded Turkey Hunt 2 to the games section.

Update by Scmpoe February 27 2006

I'm officially back to maintaining this site! :D
I've been busy with my other site, KDD, but now most
of the KDD work has been completed for now. The Zelda section
is going to be upgraded. Also, a new game, Turkey Hunt
2, will be uploaded soon. Covinescopy created the
first Turkey Hunt and I upgraded it to Turkey Hunt 2.
I noticed that this site now has over 2500 hits. :D
We're also #2 on the Zelda Top 50 and #9 on the Zelda
Top 100. Goron Planet has become one of the major Zelda
sites, even though only a small part of the site is
about Zelda. I'll be working on Poe Adventure and I'll
resume work on Mega Metroid a few weeks later.

Update by Scmpoe February 8 2006

The site is still alive!! I've been gone for a while
but now I'm back again. Poe Adventure and Mega Metroid
should both be out before June this year.

Update by Scmpoe December 13 2005

2 more days of school till Christmas holidays :D
Friday will be a professional day, so we get out of
skool on Thursday! The new version of The Uprising
by D-Grill featuring me has been made. You can listen
to it on the Silverfox Productions site. You can also
listen to a remix of Touch The Sky that I made. It
doesn't sound really good because my mic is crappy,
but I'm getting a new one soon, and then I'll
re-record the songs.

Update by Scmpoe November 27 2005

November is almost over....and Christmas holidays
are in just 3 weeks. I got a lil countdown applet.
I noticed that we almost have 2000 hits! I might
add some affiliates soon. Come join the new forums!

Update by Scmpoe November 9 2005

Flame Version 5 is officially up! I also got a
new hit counter from Statcounter, without the ads
that came with the old hit counter. I took off the
link to the old boards because we don't use them
anymore. The PoeNet Boards are the new official
Goron Planet Boards. For those who want to go see
the old boards, you can find them here. Also,
I removed the Event section because I stopped updating
it a long time ago. You can see the last event,
Majora's Mask Glitches, here. I finally
brought back guestbooks. So, enjoy Version 5. It's
gonna be up for a long time.

Update by Scmpoe November 8 2005

Underwater Version 4.0 has been up for a while
now, and I think it's time to change it. Goron
Planet's been through plain white (before the
big deletion and makeover of the site), purple,
silver and blue layouts. The next one will probably
be an orange-yellow-red layout. Some of the pics
in the navigation bar look kinda messy, and I'll
be adding new ones. Mega Metroid is about 1/4 complete.

Update by Scmpoe October 31 2005

It's Halloween! School has been back for a while
now :(.... I haven't worked on Mega Metroid for
a while because I was busy making Poe Adventure,
but now I'm getting back to work on it. I also
upgraded Mirrorz Remix (again) because there were
some serious glitches. Now the multiplayer mode
works a lot better too.

Update by Scmpoe October 18 2005

The forums are officially UP!!!! :D So come join
them! The old Goron Boards forums have like never
been used so I might just as well delete them...
but I'm keepin them for heritage purposes. Don't
join them though - there's no point. Join the
new PoeNet boards instead Here. In
other news, Poe 3 has started!

Update by Scmpoe October 17 2005

I'm launching the forums tomorrow. Be ready!

Update by Scmpoe October 11 2005

I haven't been to update recently cause I didn't
get a chance to use the Internet. We have a strike XD
The teachers are having a strike, even though
the bc court sez its illegal. And the debate guy
said he will not talk to the teachers. This means
the strike could go on for weeks, even months!
I'll be back in the hood soon cause of this.
Hopefully it'll last past Halloween.

Update by Scmpoe September 16 2005

I upgraded Mirrorz Remix! The new version is better,
with many glitches fixed, and new options like
choosing the background and music. The computers
aren't as super-hard anymore. The level editor also
has some new features like saving levels that you
created. I decided to take down Mega Metroid
because it spoils the storyline when you go to
actually play the full version. The PoeNet boards
are gonna be re-opening soon, in like a week or so.

Update by Scmpoe September 11 2005

I added a demo of the newest game I'm making,
Mega Metroid. You can find it in the games section.

Update by Scmpoe September 10 2005

Some people wanted to know how much times the
games in the Games section have been downloaded.
So here are the stats (up until today)
Linan - 402 Downloads
Pang - 257 Downloads
Poe - 219 Downloads
Mirrorz - 180 Downloads
Linan 2 - 158 Downloads
Silverfox Racing - 142 Downloads
Rock Revenge - 120 Downloads
Hachlaf - 89 Downloads (lol)
MysticalPig - 72 Downloads
Mirrorz Remix - 63 Downloads
Shankingfish - 61 Downloads
Hudd - 31 Downloads
Door Closes - 12 Downloads

Update by Scmpoe September 5 2005

I'm comin back to North Van! :D but only in a
year. I finished the demo for the Metroid game.
You can play it Here. Goron Planet
recently passed 1500 hits! Also, the new Goron
Planet is one year and almost 2 months old! It
started on July 9 I think, but I forgot to announce
it then. Late Registration is growing on me, and
I like the CD a lot more now. The only song I
really hate is Celebration.

Update by Scmpoe August 30 2005

I copped Late Registration, the new Kanye West
CD today. Its pretty good, but College Dropout
was a lot better. I liked every single track on
that album except for School Spirit, and I only
like around half of the songs on the new one.
Still, it's not bad, like Touch The Sky, Crack
Music and We Major are excellent songs. I
got some emails about suggestions to improve
Mirrorz Remix, so I'ma do that. I also started
a new game. Its gonna be called Mega Metroid
and will be like the Metroid series of games.
In other news, Camp Hyrule finished a week ago.
My cabin, Cabin 9, won! :D Heres the awards:

Toad Award - Most Sportsman-Like Camper
1st Place:Buu_The_Destroyer
2nd Place:Cloakkirby
3rd Place:Linktetra
Seven Stars Award - Most Knowledgeable RPG Gamer
1st Place:Pikmin_Protector
2nd Place:Brainoo211
3rd Place:Dusty_13
Koopa Award - Worst Speller
1st Place:Link_88
2nd Place:Vgamerkev11688
3rd Place:Ryuhyubasha
Luigi Award - Best Speller
1st Place:Hmm
2nd Place:Typobox
Sonic Award - Fastest Typer
1st Place:Wavebeamer67
2nd Place:Error404:Squirrelnotfound
3rd Place:Psycho_11
Stumpy Award - Most Knowledgeable About Camp Hyrule History
1st Place:Muku
2nd Place:Cat
3rd Place:Kattixie
Mario Award - Most Helpful Camper
1st Place:God_Of_Destruction
2nd Place:Triforce_Of_Light
3rd Place:Ssj2gohan
Bowser Award - Biggest Troublemaker
1st Place:Gex1
2nd Place:Mr_Cow
3rd Place:Twinsnake2
DK Award - Spent Most Time In The Jungle (?)
1st Place:Donkeykong126
2nd Place:Yoyoboy
3rd Place:Icelanticmyst
Candy Kong Award - Friendliest Camper
1st Place:Wolverine
2nd Place:~~Pokeboy
3rd Place:Ajnrules
Nintendo Power Award - Most Knowledgeable About Video Games
1st Place:Jusdberube
2nd Place:Codehunterjosh
3rd Place:Thelinkmaster89
Miyamoto Award - Best Name
1st Place:Imaspectaculardancer
2nd Place:Thestupidguy
3rd Place:Sparklyinvincibleperson
Paper Mario Award - Best Artist
1st Place:*Hen*
2nd Place:Cammiluna
3rd Place:Squeek
Tingle Award - Funniest Camper
1st Place:Cheez767
2nd Place:Linkfan2009
3rd Place:Ronald McDonald
Baby Mario Award - Cutest Camper
1st Place:Sisterpink
2nd Place:Mystic-Link
3rd Place:Mace_Starider
Master Sword Award - Spent Most Time On Bulletin Boards
1st Place:Emperorpenguin
2nd Place:Grim777
3rd Place:Riddler_Rob
Triforce Award - Spent Most Time On Chat
1st Place:Remember_Rushmore
2nd Place:Mbi
3rd Place:Internet_Bound20
1st Place: Cabin 9 - 2868 Points
2nd Place: Cabin 8 - 2525 Points
3rd Place: Cabin 10 - 2021 Points
4th Place: Cabin 3 - 2014 Points
5th Place: Cabin 4 - 1978 Points
6th Place: Cabin 7 - 1875 Points
7th Place: Cabin 5 - 1860 Points
8th Place: Cabin 1 - 1736 Points
9th Place: Cabin 2 - 1694 Points
10th Place: Cabin 6 - 1565 Points

Update by Scmpoe August 3 2005

Yesterday was B.C. Day! I put up a new game,
Mirrorz Remix! Enjoy. BTW, the new Goron Planet
is now over one year old!

Update by Scmpoe July 9 2005

I finally uploaded Linan 2!!!! Play it in the
games section.

Old Updates