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News Archive
News Archive
New Boards (again) - Scmpoe (October 4 2006)
I'm updating this one month too
Anyway, Poenet has new boards once again. It looks like these boards are going to definitely outdo boards #2 and probably even the first legendary Poenet Boards! Come join them!! Also, I have good news: StarlightNV is back! Geocities somehow undeleted it :D This means that the North Van Top 20 might be back in operation soon....if a new host is found for it, since Ali Baba 8 doesn't have time to host it anymore.
Another New Member - Scmpoe (July 22 2006)
War Ducks Clan has joined Poenet.
Changes - Scmpoe (April 8 2006)
The Curtis Sonic site has been remade and has changed its address. Also, The Proism Site has finally been made and is also at a new URL. PoeNet has a new member as well - The BC Lottery Masters site.
Poe Adventure & PoeNet News - Scmpoe (February 27 2006)
I resumed work on Poe Adventure and PoeNet also has a new member - Gigawolf. Over the next month, I'm going to list PoeNet in as much places as possible and try to make it more popular overall. This is the start of PoeNet's rise to fame XD
New PoeNet Boards - Scmpoe(February 8 2006) deleted the PoeNet boards without notice!! So we're moving to a new host. The new PoeNet Boards are at
Recovery And New Members - Scmpoe (December 13 2005)
The Skippy Network site, which everyone thought was lost, has been recovered with the help of It'll be rebuilt in the next few days. Also 3 new members joined, Joe-Monkey, Matt's Gangsta World and The Proism Site.
PoeNet Boards Open - Scmpoe (October 18 2005)
The PoeNet boards officially reopen today (October 18th). So come join them!
Strike - Scmpoe (October 14 2005)
The teachers of BC had a strike last Friday, so we don't have any school! The strike became illegal and now a judge stopped the teachers union from being able to pay their members while they are on strike. Hopefully the strike won't stop because of this. The president of the union, Jinny Sims, seems very determined to get a new contract.
Silvafox is back! - Da Orange (July 2 2005)
Silvafox Productionz officially announced they're back. While
no albums are currently in the works except for Hiss's on-hold
Lynn Hood Lobsta, they're gonna be droppin games and singles.
D-Grill's "The Uprising" is already #11 on the North Van Top 20
Charts. Silvafox Productionz is #1 on PoeNet already.
Silvafox Productionz New Single - L.M (June 17 2005)
Silvafox Productionz are droppin their first major single since
"Peter Time" a year ago. The Uprising by D-Grill ft. Scmpoe is
being released today or tomorrow. Already requests for the beta
version of the song, which was released almost a month ago, have
made it #20 on the North Van Top 20 Chart. D-Grill is right now
relatively unknown, but with his first single, featuring Scmpoe,
the head of Silvafox, he is thought to become known in the Vancouver
area. In other news, SwedishPotato has been replaced with MothWorks,
the SwedishPotato owner's original site. "We Belong Together" by
Mariah Carey took over #1 from "Lonely" by Akon this week on the charts.
"Light" pulled off charts - Iconiz (May 6 2005)
A week ago, Hiss's single "Light" was pulled off the charts.
In an interview, Hiss said it was because his new album,
Lynn Hood Lobsta, is coming out soon and he doesn't want
anyone stealing the single. Silvafox Productionz member
Goro32 provided a more detailed explanation. He said that
the single has been majorly re-made and that it'll sound
very different on the album. He said the same things about
"Peter Time" and "North Pole", Hiss's other singles.
"When people listen to the album, they'll barely be able
to relate the two versions of the songs together," said
Goro32. Hiss's album is due out in mid-June. "Light" was
Hiss's only current single on the charts.
In other news, "Oh" by Ciara featuring Ludacris is #1 for
a fourth week in a row, tying "Hate It Or Love It"'s record
for the longest #1 this year. PoeNet also has a new member
site - Rogerisgreat.
"Oh" ties record - Da Orange (Apr 20 2005)
"Oh" by Ciara ft. Ludacris has tied The Game and Usher's
record. The song reached #1 on the chart in only 5 weeks.
The only two other songs that have done this are Hate It
Or Love It by The Game ft. 50 Cent and Confessions Pt. 2
by Usher. I'm posting this kinda late, it happened almost
a weeks ago. In other news, PoeNet has a new member - SwedishPotato.
New PoeNet members - Scmpoe (Apr 8 2005)
PoeNet has a new member site - CurtisS and Silvafox
Productionz. Silvafox is now not just part of Goron
Planet, but its own site as well. GP still hosts the
games and the site though. We're upgrading the forums
-they will be better soon.
Game gets 2nd straight #1 - Da orange (Mar 11 2005)
The Game's "Hate It Or Love It" featuring 50 cent
jumped 6-1 this week on the Starlight NV top 20
music charts, the biggest jump to #1 in chart history.
It ties with Confessions Pt. 2 by Usher for the fastest
#1 in chart history, reaching #1 in only 5 weeks on the
chart. The Game has 2 singles in a row at #1, just as
"How We Do" drops from #1 to #2. The Game and 50 cent
have publicly resolved their beef. 50 Cent's new The
Massacre album has helped his single Candy Shop jump
from #19 to #14. "Position of Power" from that album
is this week's top unreleased single.
PoeNet new layout up - Scmpoe (Mar 8 2005)
The new layout of PoeNet is up. The PoeBoards
are up too, check them out. PoeNet also has a
chat now. The ranks are below. The latest news
topic will be here, and older ones will be in
the news Archive.