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New Boards (again) - Scmpoe
I'm updating this one month too late....lol
Anyway, Poenet has new boards once again. It looks like these boards are going to definitely outdo boards #2 and probably even the first legendary Poenet Boards! Come join them!! Also, I have good news: StarlightNV is back! Geocities somehow undeleted it :D This means that the North Van Top 20 might be back in operation soon....if a new host is found for it, since Ali Baba 8 doesn't have time to host it anymore.

The current rank is by site popularity (hits).
Probably the best-designed site on PoeNet, this site is about Digimon,
and also features games and Bomberman, an online multiplayer game.
2.Goron Planet
The site that hosts PoeNet, and also the best chat on the Net!
Goron Planet also has the Goron Boards, an online Zelda RPG.
A veteran site, Foxzap got tons of fun games! A mini-site about
foxes is there too!
A games site.
5.Silvafox Productionz
The Silvafox Productionz page with games, music, and more!
6.Curtis Sonic Site
The Curtis Sonic site - remade into a new site, Rock Haven.
.....There's a lot to say about this site.......but..... let's let you
find that out for yourself!
The lelephant site is AlKO. Go to it to find out.
Gigawolf produces video games for your satisfaction.
10.Dried Monkey
Dried Monkey produces flash games.
11.War Ducks Clan
The home page of the War Ducks Clan with a legend, music, and more!
12.The Proism Site
The official site for a religion made in North Vancouver, Proism.
Once a very great site, it was hacked, but remains great to this day.
You can even get your own Duskmon email address!
14.Bearz World
A bear fan site. Kinda strange though.
15.The Ottersey
Two great and short tales of courage and strength - The Ottersey and The
Ottersey 2: The War of Kaching. NEW - The Ottersey 3: The Badminton
Racquet Quest is finally here!!!!
16.Howard's Site
If you're REALLY that curious, click it.
17.Dragon17 Site
A cool mini-site that features downloads and links to tons of games!
The official web site of the British Columbia Lottery Masters.
19.Skippy Network
The old network that was replaced by PoeNet!
20.Matt's Gangsta World
Matt's Gangsta website. Will soon have music, downloads and more!
21.Chaos Dwarf Alliance
The Chaos Dwarf Alliance site.
Hey, I was just wondering.............
The only site ever really made for North Vancouver, Canada, this site
is about it!
24.Green Snake Club
Join....the Green Snake Club.
Joe-Monkey's site. It has a Cats site and Main site.
26.Shard's Lair
Shard's Redwall site. It's under construction right now.
If you want to join, email scmpoe@lycos.com
What you get for joining is:
-Listing on major search engines (Google, Altavista, Lycos, Yahoo, and others)
-Listed on this page, so other network members visit and tell people about your site.
-Site backup! If your site is hacked/deleted, it will be safe because it's backed up on PoeNet!
You have to put a link to PoeNet and this icon

on your site.