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Silvafox Recordz

Silvafox Recordz is a record company based in North Vancouver and Nanaimo, BC, Canada.
Current Projects:
D-Grill's debut album - In Progress
Gram's debut album - On Hold
Hiss's debut album, Lynn Hood Lobsta - On Hold

The Uprising - D-Grill ft Scmpoe
Touch The Sky Remix - Scmpoe
Westside Survivor Remix - Scmpoe (Westside Story & Soul Survivor Mix)
Tha Remix 2 - Scmpoe
Tha Remix - Scmpoe
Hollaback Girl Remix - H-Cash


Joined: April 2004 (founder)
Scmpoe is the founder and president of Silvefox Productionz. He wrote some rhymes, but stopped and then officially became an artist in September 2005.
Current singles: None

Joined: April 2004
Hisss was the first artist of Silverfox Productions. The reason Silvafox Recordz started up was to record his album. Since then Silvafox has grown a lot.
Current Singles: None
#1 Singles: Peter Time, North Pole

Joined: April 2004
BcBearz is the vice-president of Silverfox. He was first known as Da Mole, but in September 2004 he changed his name to BcBearz. He did some freestyles and now is starting to rap again.
Current Singles: None

Joined: December 2004
H-Cash repeatedly changed his name between H-Cash and Cashoward before finally settling on H-Cash. He joined in December 2004, but made his first song only in May 2005.
Cuurent Singles: None

Joined: May 2005
D-Grill joined as an artist in May 2005 and released his first single, The Uprising, underground in June 2005. The song is beeing re-made and will be released as a major single soon.
Current Singles: The Uprising ft. Scmpoe

Joined: October 2005
FAL joined Silvafox and immediately started a beef with H-Cash. He is thinking about maybee doing an album.
Current Singles: None

Joined: October 2005
Gram is the newest member of Silvafox and joined right after FAL. He is making an album.
Current Singles: None

Download Silvafox Ringtones! Peter Time,Light