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Silverfox News!!
For the first time in almost 2 years, a new staff member has joined Silverfox. Hyperchickens will be producing beats and possibly songs, and might make games as well. Work on D-Grill's album will be in full swing in around 2 weeks (at the beginning of March). Scmpoe will record his first single, Easy, sometime soon.

The Uprising was officially re-released on Sunday December 11! You can download it here: It's the first single from D-Grill's album, which is still untitled so far. Scmpoe made a remix of Touch The Sky by Kanye West, with him spitting a verse. Listen to it here: Scmpoe's 2 song remixes, Westside Survivor Remix and Cashoward's Hollaback Girl Remix have been uploaded as well. You can get them in the Silvafox Recordz section. Also Scmpoe is getting back to work on Mega Metroid and Poe Adventure, the two games he was working on but sorta forgot about. The H-Cash vs FAL beef is over, but now Gram wants beef with looks like the beef in this label will never end lol.....

2 new artists got signed to Silvafox! FAL and Gram have joined the label. FAL has beef with H-Cash, who is also from Silverfox! We're not gonna drop either artist, but it'll be interesting to see who wins. I'll be putting up pages for each artist soon. D-Grill has decided to do an album, which will be released in spring 2006. Hisss wants to return to his project in a month or so, so you might hear his album, which was started in early 2004, our in 2006 or maybe even 2005. Gram has quickly decided to do an album, and his album will be coming out someetime in the first half of 2006. You can see short info sections about each Silvafox artist on the Silvafox Recordz page. In game news, right now Mega Metroid and Poe Adventure are under development.

"The Uprising" is #11 on the North Van charts after 4 weeks on the chart. The old version was released. I never got the files to do the new version. Once I do, it'll be released. Silvafox is back! I made 3 new beats. D-Grill might do an album, also Hiss is thinking about returning to his project. Cashoward doesn't wanna do an album, just do remixes and singles.

"The Uprising" by D-Grill featuring Scmpoe is almost done! It'll probably be released tomorrow. I'll put a download link up.

"Lynn Hood Lobsta" has been delayed to Mid-June. Cashoward did a remix of Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani - hear it Here

"Peter Time" and "North Pole" have been re-recorded. The album is going to be released in late May and will be called "Lynn Hood Lobsta". We're right now re-recording "Light", "Gangsta Lobsta" and "Jawadville". The new Silvafox site is up!!

The beats have been made! We're now re-recording some singles from "Straight Outta Lynn Hood". Also there have been plans to change it to "True to da hood" or "Lynn Hood Lobsta". Maybe. We're also recording H-Cash's new single "Hotel".

We are making new good beats for "Straight Outta Lynn Hood". You can download ringtones for North Pole, Peter Time, and Light on SNV on PoeNet.