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The Ottersey 2: The War Of Kaching
The Ottersey
Meet the Characters


    The Ottersey 3: The Badminton Racquet Quest


One day, Icon and his friends were really bored. They sat around Nod’s mansion, thinking of ideas for things to do. But they couldn’t think of anything. They sat there through the whole day, and were going to go to sleep, when they saw Mart the hedgehog and his brother Nod, who had gone to Lannia City, the biggest city around, because they were curious what kind of people lived there. Rare saw that someone else was with them.


“So, what did you find out?” asked Kapu.


“We didn’t get there,” said Nod.


“Who’s that?” asked Silvera.


“This is Pad the bear,” said Mart. “We have to help him.”


“What happened?” asked Icon. Pad, who was a very small bear, told them that he was living peacefully in the woods close to the sea. But then, an evil giant bear, Paintshop, showed up. Paintshop stole everything Pad had and ran away. One of the Pad’s possesions was Kaching, a magic coin he had found in the Lannia River. He also wrecked Pad’s house. Pad was too weak to stand against him. Nod and Mart found him around an hour later and brought him back to Nod’s house.


Icon and his friends agreed to help. They had to act fast, before Paintshop found out the power of Kaching. The only ones who weren’t there were Lop, Coolowl, Timothy Price, and Mode, who had gone adventuring to the volcano north of Nod’s house. So Rare left them a note saying where they all were. Then they all left for the former location of Pad’s house.


When they got there, they searched through the rubble, but couldn’t find any clues to where Paintshop was. Pad said he went south, so they went that way. They kept walking until they got to the fast-flowing Gale River, where they saw Paintshop.


They were about to attack him, but suddenly remembered that they forgot all their weapons at Nod’s mansion. But Nod and Mart still had their weapons. Silvera also could cast magic spells. Everyone else just broke off a stick from a tree, except for Icon and Pops, who found one on the ground. Icon yelled, “Hey! Paintshop! Can you give Pad back his stuff?”


Paintshop replied, “Ha! Come and fight me for it!” Widdy and Pad were too scared to fight, but Branch had taught Widdy how to heal, and Pad already knew how, so they were healers. Everyone else rushed at Paintshop.


Paintshop looked around and saw the adventurers attacking him. He easily walked across the river. But the adventurers couldn’t cross the river that fast because they weren’t as big as the gargantuan Paintshop. They had to swim across, which was hard because the current was very fast. Branch and Pops almost got swept away because they were so small.



Finally, everyone made it across the river. They attacked Paintshop, but something really weird happened. Their weapons bounced off of his fur. Paintshop laughed really loudly and told them that he was invincible because he had the latest shield technology, Wolfshield 4.0. Silvera cast a magic spell to make a block of steel fall on Paintshop, but the steel block bounced off too. “How will we defeat him?” wondered Icon. Then Silvera had an idea. She cast a spell to freeze Paintshop, and it worked. But there was no real point. Paintshop unfroze after a few seconds, got mad and attacked the adventurers. Silvera froze him again and they ran away.


But Paintshop started running after them. They ran up the river and found a cave. They hid in it but Paintshop soon found them. Luckily, there was a back entrance which was small, and they all squeezed through it, except for Kapu, Cap’n Spider, Rare, and Silvera, who couldn’t fit. Paintshop ran at them, but luckily he tripped over a root and fell. When he got up, Paintshop tried following Icon and co., but he couldn’t fit through the hole, so he went back after a while. But this gave Cap’n Spider and co. enough time to escape.


Widdy and Pad were worried because they saw everyone run up the other bank of the river. But then they saw Cap’n Spider and co., who came back across the river. They took Widdy and Pad with them and went northeast, trying to find Icon and co.


Meanwhile, Timothy Price and co. returned from their adventure to the volcano, carrying good weapons that they found there. They were: a giant battleaxe decorated with sapphires for Timothy Price, a cool spear encrusted with emeralds for Mode, a big mace mounted with rubies for Lop, and a powerful bow with TONS of diamond-tipped arrows for Coolowl. They read the note and decided to help the adventurers. They headed south.


Icon and co. exited the cave and walked north. Soon they got to Lannia City. They explored the city and saw that there were a lot of mice, hedgehogs, squirrels, and humans there. There were also a lot of other creatures. While they were walking through the city, they heard a song on the radio that went like this:


Hate it or love it the underdog’s on top

And I’m gon shine homie will my heart stop

Go ahead, envy me, I’m rap’s MVP

And I ain’t goin nowhere so you can get to know me


They really liked the song. Nod saw that is was coming from a shop that was called “Wolfshields”. They decided to check it out and went in.


There was an old wolf there and he told them about Wolfshields. The newest version was 4.0, which generated a force field around the person who was using it. “Is there any way to stop the Wolfshields?” asked Mart. The wolf told them that if someone gathered the 4 magical badminton racquets of Ice, Electricity, Wind, and Water, they could make an energy field that stops the Wolfshield.


“That’s too confusing,” said Icon, and the old wolf had tea with them and explained everything to them. Then they weren’t confused anymore.


“Let’s go,” said Branch.


 They decided to go to the far east to get the badminton racquets of Wind and Ice first. They decided to rent some bikes (an invention of the Lannians) to get there fast, but they didn’t have a biker’s license. They didn’t have any money either.


But then they saw a thief try to jack some bikes from a store owned by a squirrel. They stopped the thief, and the squirrel thanked them. They told him they were on an adventure, and he asked them if he could come. They said yes and the squirrel, whose name was Sparrow, lent them some bikes.


They biked east, and eventually they got to the Molum Mountains. They locked up their bikes to a tall hemlock tree. They started heading up the southernmost mountain and soon they got to the Gale River, which was very small up here. They crossed it with ease and started heading down the other side of the mountain. There were woods here, and they got lost. Eventually they stumbled upon a canyon.


          Meanwhile, Cap’n Spider and co. came to Lannia City. They, too, found the Wolfshield shop and talked to the old wolf. They decided to keep heading northwest to get the badminton racquet of Electricity. Soon they came to the lake Icon and Rare visited on their first adventure. The live trees yelled, “I’m here for your blood!” again, and started going towards the adventurers.  But Cap’n Spider had an idea. He told Silvera to cast a spell to make a scanner. She cast the spell and threw the scanner at the trees. It hit one of them and scanned a picture of them. They were really happy, and they didn’t notice as the adventurers built a boat out of some logs and sailed it across the lake. They walked across the plains, which took a while because the plains were big and really beautiful. Eventually they got to the city of Halana.


          They found some money on the ground and used it to buy some weapons. Then they went north. Soon enough, they got to the mountains of Litlog. They crossed the mountains and found a tower. They jumped off a mountain and landed at the top and took the badminton racquet of Electricity. But suddenly, out of nowhere, a giant appeared. “NOOOOOOO!” everyone yelled.


The giant was going to stomp on them when Rare said, “Go away,” to the giant and he went away. The adventurers started to head back to Halana, but they got lost.


          Meanwhile, Timothy Price and co. got to Lannia City. They talked to the old wolf too. They decided to go south to get the badminton racquet of Water. They kept going and crossed the Gale River. There they saw Paintshop, but they didn’t know that it was him. They said, “Hello.”


He said, “Why?” The adventurers were puzzled and kept on going south and soon reached the Good People Jungle.


          There were palm trees everywhere and the adventurers saw two paths. There was a talking sign beside each path. One said, “This path is good.”


The other one said, “This path is O.K.” They chose the OK path because they thought the good path was a trap. They walked down it and soon came to a big stone cliff. Suddenly, they heard a loud sound.


          They turned around and saw that a shark was attacking them. The shark had feet. He tried to bite them but they circled around him. He kept on biting them and eventually everyone except Mode was injured badly. Mode and the shark jumped around, looking for an opening. Then the shark tried to squish Mode by jumping on him. It didn’t work and this gave Mode the chance he needed. He struck the shark with his spear, instantly slaying him.


          Mode found some magic leaves that healed his companions.  They saw that the path ended and tried to climb the cliff. It took them a few hours, but they finally climbed it. At the top was a cave. They went into it. They got lost and it took them a few days to come back to the entrance. They didn’t find anything in the cave. They decided to go try the other path.


          They went down the good path and got to a village. They asked the villagers why the jungle was called the Good People Jungle. They told them it was because good people lived in it and also because they couldn’t think of any names. They walked through the village and reached a big tower in 10 minutes. But it was really high, so how would they climb it? They couldn’t find any way so they went bowling in the village. Lop turned out to be very good at bowling. He got 6 strikes and 4 spares. At the bowling arena, they befriended a penguin named Pen. He climbed the tower because he was a pro and took the badminton racquet of Water. They started heading back to Lannia City.  


          Meanwhile, Icon and co. were crossing the canyon. Icon, Mart, and Sparrow made it safely across, however, Nod and Branch slipped and fell. They rolled down the canyon and ended up somewhere in the southeastern woods. They wandered around until they found a big tower.  They kept on piling up sticks until they could get to the top. They took the badminton racquet of Wind. 


Suddenly, an evil mouse came but the pile of sticks collapsed, burying him under it. However, he got out of it soon. The mouse had a sword. He found Nod and almost defeated him, but then Nod retaliated with a sharp stick and the mouse became scared. Then he fought Branch, who was a lot shorter than him, but Nod said, “Pick on someone your own size.” Nod was about to defeat the mouse when he fell into a hole.


Nod was trapped and the mouse attacked Branch again. But Branch had the heart of a warrior. “You want a piece of me?” he yelled defiantly. The mouse laughed, called Branch a midget and attacked him.


Branch was weaponless, but Nod yelled, “Take my weapon!” and threw the stick to Branch. Branch took the stick and fought the mouse. It seemed that the mouse would win, but in the end, Branch gathered up all his confidence and strength. He rolled away from the mouse’s sword strike, rolled behind the mouse, and stood up. The mouse turned back just as Branch’s deadly strike caught him in the eye. He fell, blinded and defeated. Branch helped Nod out of the hole and they started heading southwest.


          Icon, Mart, and Sparrow went behind the Molum Mountains and headed north. There they saw an evil eagle that used to serve in Raram’s army. He repeatedly dived down at them, but they defeated him by throwing heavy rocks at him. He ran away east. Soon they found a tower. Sparrow climbed it with his excellent climbing skills and they got the badminton racquet of Ice. They started heading back to Lannia City, but the problem was that they didn’t know where it was. So they crossed the Molum Mountains and started heading in a westward direction.


          Meanwhile, Cap’n Spider and co. were heading back. They crossed the Lannia River and ended up by Icon’s parents’ house. Icon’s parents were worried because they had not seen Icon since he left on the Ottersey. They told him they knew him and that he was ok. His parents were happy and gave them some food and drink. They told them that Lannia City is southwest. So the adventurers went southwest.


          They were halfway across the great Lannian Plains when an evil bear attacked them. The bear injured everyone except for Widdy and Pad. Widdy got over his fear and tried to fight the bear while Pad healed the others. Soon Widdy got defeated and Pad fought while Widdy healed. This cycle kept repeating until Kapu got really bored and pissed off and slew the bear by throwing a big rock on him. Then they continued on their adventure.


          They soon met Icon and co. and told them what happened. Timothy Price and co. got back to Lannia City before anyone else and got some money by doing magic tricks. They entered a badminton tournament, and used the magical badminton racquet of Water to win it. The prize was an autographed copy of Kanye West’s new CD, Late Registration. They saw a guy selling all the magic badminton racquets for $4.99, so they bought them. “Well, now there was no point to this whole quest,” said Lop. They went to chill in the Wolfshield shop and listen to the CD. Soon they met up with Nod and Branch and left. But they forgot the badminton racquets of Electricity and Ice at the Wolfshield shop.


          Icon and co. soon got back to Lannia City, but the city was big, so the two parties of adventurers could not find each other. But Pad found the badminton racquets that Timothy Price and co. forgot in the Wolfshield shop. They all decided, apart from each other, to go try to defeat Paintshop, now that they had all the badminton racquets. So they went out to find him.


          This proved harder than they thought it would be. Paintshop was nowhere to be found. But Icon and co. finally tracked him down on the south side of Gale River, close to the southwestern woods. “Give Pad back all his stuff!” Widdy yelled. Paintshop laughed at them, but they put all the badminton racquets together, and this deactivated Paintshop’s Wolfshield.


          Even without the Wolfshield, Paintshop still proved a hard foe to defeat. He was considerably larger than any of the adventurers, and a lot stronger too. But Silvera made a magic potion that speeded the adventurers up to 28 times their normal speed when they drank it, and this gave them an edge over Paintshop.


          Although they were a lot faster, the adventurers still couldn’t defeat Paintshop. Any blow they dealt did pretty much nothing to him. And whenever he punched or kicked one of them, it injured him or her badly. Soon he had defeated almost everyone, and Icon and Kapu were putting up their final stand. But then Timothy Price and co. showed up.


          This turned the tide of the battle. With their excellent weapons, Timothy Price, Mode and Lop fought Paintshop and were defeating him.

Unfortunately Coolowl had gotten stuck in a tree on the way here. Paintshop was almost defeated, but he still had one more trick up his sleeve. He took all the giant steel blocks that Silvera had cast at him during the battle and, with his massive strength, he piled them up into walls around him. Even Timothy Price and Lop couldn’t move the blocks. Pen told Sparrow that Coolowl had gotten stuck in a tree.


Sparrow went and climbed up the tree and freed Coolowl. “Thanks,” said Coolowl. Coolowl then flew over Paintshop. He got out his bow and shot some diamond-tipped arrows at Paintshop. This injured Paintshop badly. He unpiled the blocks and started to run away. But Pen tripped him. Then Coolowl finished him off with an arrow.


Just as everyone thought the adventure was over, Sparrow’s mom showed up. She was really mad that the adventurers had forgotten their bikes at the Molum Mountains. But Sparrow was good at handling familial crises. Just as all hope seemed lost, he told his mom that they’ll give her back the 5 bikes they owe her one day. So she left.


The lands were saved once again. Widdy gave Pad back all his stuff and they all crossed the Gale River and built a house there. They hid Kaching on top of a tree because they were too lazy to go to the Star Place to get the spear that can destroy Kaching. They lived peacefully at the new house. But if evil arises once again, Icon and his friends will always be there to stop it!