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Silverfox Productions      The Ottersey 1 & 2 & 3     Past Layouts
Poe Network
Poe Info
This site started in summer 2002, when I was feeling bored so
I made this site, mainly as a host site for boards and chat.
It remained that until July 2004, when my friend said What's the
point of Goron Planet? It's useless! I didn't have a site that
had my games on it, so I started upgrading this site. First,
I made a layout called Shadow Lightning Layout. The Games
section was made first and is still being constantly updated
because I'm making new games. In August, I made 3 new sections:
Poe Network, Poe Progress (because Poe 2 started around then)
and Silverfox Productions. The site continued like this for a
long time until I made Silver Version 3.0 in September. Soon
after that, in early October, I made the Zelda section. And
in late October I added the Event / Battle section. Now, in
early November, I'm upgrading the site and adding 3 new sections:
Info (what you're reading right now), Stuff (with miscellaneous
downloads), Guestboard (a forum and guestbook at the same time),
and as soon as Poe 2 finishes, I'll turn the Poe
Progress section into a Poe Info section that will still have Poe
Progress. Around February 2005, I made Underwater Version 4.0.
For some reason, stopped their mini-board services,
so the Guestboards were gone. The new version of Goron Planet
had its first birthday in July 2005. The PoeNet Boards were opened in
October and in early November, I created Flame Version 5, ended
the event section, tranferred from the old boards to the new
ones and brought the Guestbook back.

That was the info of the site. If you're looking for info about
what a goron is, it's a sorta human-like creature from the Zelda
game series. No it has nothing to do with Al Gore. I don't care
about the US presidential elections anyway cuz I'm Canadian.

If you wanna become a staff member, just email
I'm working solo on this site right now, but it would be great
if someone was helping me.

If you wanna affilate with our site, (is it Affilate or Affiliate?
I dunno) send a message to If you wanna join
the Poe Network, email the same address or

K that's about it.