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Poe Network
Poe Info
Goron Planet's official IRC Chat Tutorial. These are the main commands of the chat. Note that in no commands do you have to put the () brackets. They stand for whatever is written within them.

/me (Action) = Do an action
/nick (Desired Nickname) = Change your nickname
/join #(Channelname) = Join a channel
/msg (Nickname) (Message) = Send a private message to a person.
/sound (Sound) = Make a sound (Use the Sounds drop-down menu to see all of the sounds.)
/ns register (Password) (Email) = Registers your nickname with the password and
e-mail address you specified.
/ns identify (Password) = Identify yourself as the owner of a nickname you registered.
/cs register #(Channelname) (Password) (Channel Description) = Registers a channel. You have to be op in a channel to register it, and the channel can't be already registered by someone else.
/cs identify #(Channelname) (Password) = Identify yourself as the owner of a channel you registered.
/ms list = Check your memos.
/ms send (Nickname) MTOPIC (Memo Topic) MBODY (Memo) = Send a memo to someone.
/op (Nickname) = Op someone (Only works if you are an op and channel mode is -o)
/load OpPanel = Load the Op Panel if you're an op.
/topic=(New Topic) = Set the topic of the channel. You can only do this if you're an op.
/kick (Nickname) = Kick someone from the channel if you are an op.
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