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Majora's Mask Glitches
I've been playing Majora's Mask lately and noticed that, just like Ocarina of Time, it's very glitchy. So I put some glitches/cheats up here. If you know any and wanna add them, email .

Flying Zora
Added by: me
You can do this almost anywhere Zora Link can swim where there's a slope leading down to the water. I found this out in Great Bay (close to the zoras with the pots on the rocks). Just go down the slope slowly until you start to swim. Now swim inland and then quickly out to sea again. If you did it right, Zora Link will glide above the water. You need to keep pressing A to keep him above the water, otherwise he will go down.

Insecure Hideout
Added by: me
You can access Sakon's hideout (in lower Ikana Canyon) at any time without doing Kafei's quest. As human link, just keep on rolling into the little crack to the right of the stone door, between the door and the wall. It might take a few tries, but you'll get in eventually. Also, you can get in a harder way by Spike-Rolling into the crack as Goron Link.

Mask Glitch
Added by: me
With this glitch, you can use the Fierce Deity and Giant's masks outside the places you're supposed to use them. Before you attempt this glitch though, go and beat Odolwa, the dancing jungle man boss. You'll know why later. All you have to do is access Sakon's Hideout on the third day. (Use the glitch above, or hide with Kafei behind the rocks until 7 PM) Before you go into where Kafei is, put on any non-transformation mask except the Keaton Mask. Then you will see Kafei step on the switch and the mask move. Once you are in control of Kafei, press Start and put the Fierce Deity/Giant's Mask to the button that the mask you are currently wearing is on. Push the block onto the switch, and once you resume control of Link, you will put on the mask. (My friend told me if you do this with the Giant's Mask, the game freezes, so don't try it unless you have nothing to lose in that 3-day cycle.) Now complete the rest of the hideout. (If you don't know how, go to the Walkthrough of Majora's Mask in our Zelda section) Once you're done, you'll be outside and Kafei will run away. Now, DON'T exit Ikana Canyon like you usually would. Instead, jump in the river and let the current carry you to Southern Swamp. Now you can explore the overworld with Fierce Deity Link! Don't go into Clock Town though, because you won't be able to get out. (You might be able to through the observatory, but I never tried that out) Don't go into any buildings either. If you talk to anyone in Clock Town except the Bomber that guards the passage, your game will freeze. The only way to save yourself before the moon falls, is if you've beaten Odolwa. Go to Southern Swamp, close to the entrance to Deku Palace, and climb up the vines. The back door of the palace is accessible, so go to it, but go around the temple to the front door instead of going in. Then go into the portal that takes you to Odolwa. Now that you're inside a boss room, you are able to take the Fierce Deity's Mask off and play the Song of Time to save yourself from the moon.

Real Great Bay Temple
Added by: me
This is an easy glitch to do. Once you get the Ice Arrows in Great Bay Temple you can do this. Also this glitch is better to perform once you've drunk Chateau Romani (get it inside the Milk Bar with Romani's Mask) and have at least one quiver upgrade. Go to where Lulu is (or was) standing and where the Zora Hall owl warp point is. Now look to the north-west, and you'll see an image of the Great Bay Temple. Now shoot Ice Arrows into the water and hop across as a Deku Scrub. Keep doing this until you get to the Great Bay Temple. It's just a fish, and it's flat. You can now try to go over the edge of the water, but you'll get sent back to shore as if you were swimming.

More coming soon!