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Old Updates

Update by Scmpoe July 4 2005

I haven't updated for as long don't
worry the site's not dead. I've been playing Master
quest recently and found it had even more glitches
than the original Ocarina Of Time. (Except for the
crooked cartridge trick.) You can now get the Ice
Arrows before getting the regular arrows without
CC or a gameshark. Silvafox is back!! We started
producing again and we got 5 new beats and one song
already! "The Uprising" is already #11 on the North
Van Top 20 Chart. I've been playing Bomberman at KDD
for a couple of weeks. You should check it out it's
a fun game. But the biggest event since the last
time I updated was that I moved. From North Van to
Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island. I didn't want to, but
I had to. It sux here.... I'm FINALLY updating the
PoeNet boards. I'm gonna try to keep them up for a
long time. For some reason, CJB deletes their
users' boards after around a month, even if they're
active. If they delete PoeNet Boards again, I'll
find a different board service. Poe 3 has been on
hold for a really long time, but hopefully it'll
start again soon. I borrowed a weird internet tool
from my friend. Soon I'll bring my old computer
online. Then I'll upload Linan 2. I'm working on
Mirrorz 2 as well, which will have online multiplayer mode.

Update by Scmpoe June 11 2005

The Chat Party is today! Be at the chat at 3:00
Pacific Standard Time. All sites on PoeNet are in.

Update by Scmpoe June 1 2005

The Chat Party has been delayed until KDD,
a site on PoeNet, reaches 5000 hits. Foxzap,
another site on PoeNet, is going to also
host its first-ever chat party. So all
4 sites will host the chat party, which
will probably be next weekend on the weekend
after that. I'll update here when I'm sure
of the exact time. Poe 3 started!! I made
a new page to display the Poe 3 progress.

Update by Scmpoe May 26 2005

The chat party will be on Sunday, May 29th
at 2:00 PST at out chat. Also, I'm remaking
the PoeNet Boards. Linan 2 is pretty much
finished but my floppy drive is messed so
they're no way I can get onto another computer
and the internet. I'll get it fixed soon....

Update by Scmpoe May 20 2005

We're gonna have a chat party soon. Probably
next on May 27 or 28. SNV is also gonna have
their Spring Countdown then, so I'm gonna
put the channels together. Linan 2 is really
close to being finished, but my floppy drive
is still messed.....I'll try to get a CD Burner
for my old computer.

Update by Scmpoe May 18 2005

I resumed work on Linan 2. It's now around
80% complete. It should come out in around
a week. My floppy drive is messed though,
and this might delay the release for a
long time. I'm trying to get it fixed....

Update by Scmpoe April 29 2005

We got 1000 hits!! I'll host a chat party
soon. Check back often for when. Linan 2
has been put on hold because I got bored
making it. It should come out sometime in
May now. I can't believe April passed so
fast....The new PoeNet boards are up!

Update by Scmpoe April 8 2005

I've changed the layout! Without warning.
I'll upload the banner soon! All the pages
are now synchronized! I've added the "Old
Layouts" page. An intermediate chat tutorial
is coming soon!

Update by Scmpoe April 7 2005

We're getting a new screwed up game soon....
its called High Quality Game. The Silvafox site
has been upgraded and the boards are getting
better. Linan 2 is comin in 2 weeks!

Update by Scmpoe April 4 2005

I uploaded a new screwed up game that was
made yesterday...Door Closes. Linan 2 is
almost half done and should be up for download
around 2 weeks from now. By the way, the Poe
Party was pretty good..Poe Party 1 was better though.

Update by Scmpoe March 29 2005

Haven't updated for a while...I'm working on
Linan 2. It's gonna be way longer and better
the first Linan, with a lot of new features
like Bluekirby control. Check back often, it
will come out soon. Over 500 people have
downloaded our games! There's been 158 downloads
for Pang, 124 for Linan, 95 for Poe, 51 for
Mirrorz, 31 for Silverfox Racing, and 52 downloads
for other games. The least popular game was Hudd
with only 6 downloads. Pang has been most popular
and that's weird because most people I've asked
liked Linan/Poe the most. We have almost 800 hits!
Once we get 1000, we'll have a chat party.

Update by Scmpoe March 6 2005

We got 700 hits!!!! I've realized that since
the New Year, I've barely updated this site
cuz I've been busy with my other site.
That's soon to change though. I upgraded the
banner pics and got us a new, working chat.
The Mini-boards work too now, going to the
PoeNet boards. We were #3 in a search for
goron on google!! For some reason though,
we've dropped off now back to a low ranking.
This site will get a major layout change
soon. I will also upload the new versions
of some games, now that I'm getting a new,
better computer. My old com is from 1994
(I think) and I'm getting a brand new one!
I'm working on Star Elephant and Linan 2.
They should be finished sometimes in April.
Silvafox Productionz is getting a new site,
though we're still gonna host it.

Update by Scmpoe February 18 2005

Finally! I've been away for over a month, but
now I'm back. The Silverfox Productions site
is getting a major upgrade. I also upgraded all
the games, and will be putting them up soon.
I'll make the pictures into jpgs so now hopefully
they won't screw up sometimes. For a long time
now, we've been on the first page of google in
a search for goron, but we've never been #1,
which is what we're trying to get to. The
Poe Party is going to be soon. The North Van
Basketball Tournament's playoffs are starting
this weekend, and we're gonna win!! I hope..

Update by Scmpoe January 14 2005
I came back today to update and noticed that
Goron Planet has 400 hits. That's great.
For some reason, the images in the nav bar
at the top keep on glitching and not showing
up. I think it has something to do with them
being bmp's so I'm gonna remake them into gif's.

Update by Scmpoe January 11 2005
I just noticed that a lot of other sites,
including KDD on PoeNet, have a lot of hits.
And this site has 387 when I typed this.
So, we gotta become more popular. Goron Planet's
first quest for fame was in September, and it
sort of worked, but know we're gonna begin
a mega-quest for fame. By the way, I added
another Majora's Mask glitch.

Update by Scmpoe January 5 2005
The countdown was fun.... Since Poe is over,
I'm changing the "Poe Progress" section to
"Poe Info". It will still have Poe Progress,
but it will also have a lot of other information
about the game as well. In the next few days,
I'll add more to the "Stuff" section and in
the "Event" section, I'm starting a collection
of Zelda: Majora's Mask glitches. When the
hit counter reaches 500, we're gonna host a chat party.

Update by Scmpoe January 1 2005
Today is the first day of a new feels
weird. Tomorrow, the North Van top 40 Countdown
will be hosted on our chat around 2:00 PM PST.
The Poe 2 Finish chat party will be then too.
So don't miss it!

Update by Scmpoe December 29 2004
I haven't updated for a while again. Anyway,
Poe 2 is finished. Pinzer was defeated. Now,
the Poe Party will happen sometime around March.

Update by Scmpoe December 14 2004
I came back to find....we have MASSIVELY dropped
in our rankings. This past week for some reason
nobody's been coming to the site. Well that
should end soon. I got some new (Finally)
Poe Progress up and we are back at #1 on Poenet!

Update by Scmpoe December 7 2004
Yes I'm back! For a bunch of reasons, I couldn't
get online for the past 2 weeks. I will soon add
more funny sounds. Also I might start affiliating
with other Zelda sites....even though this is
only partly a Zelda site. And as I noticed, we
have 300 hits! Thanks to everyone who visited
this site for that! Once we reach 500 hits,
I'm gonna host a chat party on Goron Chat.

Update by Scmpoe November 24 2004
Finally....the whole site is on Google!!!!!!!
This rox! most of the new PoeNet sites are there
too now, and for some reason, our boards are on
the #1 page in a search for goron but we are
nowhere to be seen! That'll change soon of course...
I just realised that no one will see the hit
counter if it's at the bottom, so I moved it
to the top of the page.

Update by Scmpoe November 23 2004
Most of the site isn't back on search listings
yet, but for some reason, the enter page is.
Hopefully, the Poe Network will be indexed soon
because there's like 4 new sites on it. I
finally put up the funny sounds and links to some
random stuff on the Internet. Enjoy!

Update by Scmpoe November 20 2004
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :) Booya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are finally......back on google!!!!!!!!!!
This page isn't, but the games section is. With
their next net crawl, Google will track all the
links from that page and all of Goron Planet!
And with that, they'll find PoeNet and all the
new pages on it. All I can say is, Thank You
KDD!! for putting a Downloadable Games link on
your site to our games page. There's a new site
on PoeNet, the Green Snake Club. Bearz World
is #1! Congrats Bearz, but we will be #1
again soon!

Update by Scmpoe November 17 2004
I put up a new chat. Also some people I know
visited and played the games and liked them.
I submitted this site to the Open Directory
Project, which should get us back on Google
and also list Goron Planet on some major
search engines. BTW, if you noticed......
we're #2 on the Zelda Top 50!!!! (#22 on the
top 100, but that's ok.) The battle thing is
getting boring, so I think that if I'm even
going to do that, I better make a full recount
of the battle. So the tournament will restart.
I've been trying to get the sounds up, but for
some reasons, I haven't been able to. This the final main adventure of
Poe 2. I think Poe will finish sometime this
or next week. But next summer, Poe 3 will start!

Update by Scmpoe November 14 2004
We joined the Zelda top 100 and top 50! I still
haven't been able to get the funny sounds up,
but I think I will soon. We got 150 hits in 3
weeks! Not bad... The site totally dropped off
Google, but I listed it in the Open Directory
Project. Now we should be listed in a bunch of

Update by Scmpoe November 10 2004
Google finally got back to me and they said that it
was nothing to do with my site, it was just something
automated that happened....maybe because KDD had
multiple links to my site. Well that's gone now.
I think the best way to bring new sites that are
joining PoeNet and the sites that got removed back
on Google is to make a new PoeNet. This will be
temporary (hopefully) and I'll make it on another
web server. Sorry to all the new PoeNet members
that aren't on search listing yet! It's all the
spider's fault. BTW, this is really a tragedy to
the site. It's getting way less hits now. You
can find the new PoeNet and pn et tes t . cj b.n et
I didn't want to put it in full because something
bad might happen if I do. To all the faithful
visitors to the site, bear with us. Hopefully
this will be over soon.

Update by Scmpoe November 9 2004
Just what does Google have against Goron Planet anyway?
They did their crawl and we're still not on there. And
what's really weird, all the pages that linked to this
site have disappeared too! This is really strange....
I e-mailed them asking why this happened, and they
haven't gotten back to me yet....I hope this will be
solved soon......

Update by Scmpoe November 7 2004
I put up tons of Zelda pics. Check them out in the Zelda
section. Also I added some stuff to Stuff. BTW, Bearz World,
a site that was made about a week ago, is now #2 on PoeNet!!
Here it is: Bearz. I was just listening
to some music on and one song, "Never Let Me
Down" is so good, I'm gonna go out and buy the album right now!

Update by Scmpoe November 5 2004
Over 100 hits in two weeks...not bad. There are now links to
the three new sections all over the site. By the way, if you're
reading this, plz sign the Guestboard! I wanna know what kind
of ppl visit this site. I'll be adding new stuff to the Stuff
page soon, probably tomorrow. Oh ya and we're hosting the Green
Snake Club now. I'll put up the page tomorrow. Around like a week
ago I said we're gonna start the Skippy Revolution...OK that's
been changed to the Green Snake Revolution. We're gonna make Green
Snake popular.

Update by Scmpoe November 4 2004
Goron Planet is finally back at #1! :D There's three new
sections now, Info, Guestboard and Stuff. the Poe section is coming
soon. Silver Version looks great, and I don't want to
take it down, but I might do that soon, maybe in time
for Christmas. The new layout, if it comes, will be better
than ever! Project Bomberman is sorta delayed and I don't
think it's gonna finish anyway, so I'm going to make a
Bomberman-Like game. The new battle is up! You might
be surprised by the winner....

Update by Scmpoe November 2 2004
The first battle has taken place! Check the battles section
for the winner. I don't think there's really a lot I can
do for this site anymore because everything's already done.
I'll be adding games, zelda info and new battles one in a
while, but except for that, all work on this site is pretty
much finished. But that doesn't mean I'll leave this site!
Once Poe is finished, the Poe Progress section will turn
into a section about information about Poe and the Poe Stats
will still be there. I might add a new section about Goron
Planet history and contact info and maybe a section where
there are links to fun games on the Internet.

Update by Scmpoe November 1 2004
New PoeNet rankings are up, but we're still #2... oh well, we'll
be #1 soon. Goron Planet is so big now compared to what it was
at the beginning of summer, like 5 months ago. It's not gonna
get much bigger though cuz I can't think of any other sections
I should put up. I'm making a Regular User's Tutorial for the
chat. It should be up later today. I'm working on the Zelda
section and a new game, Star Elephant. Over 200 people have
downloaded the games now :D We're starting to make a screwed
up movie. I don't know what it will be called yet. And we're
gonna start the Skippy Revolution! More on that later....

Update by Scmpoe October 30 2004
Ok all of the sections of Goron Planet are up after the hacker
attack. The Goron Boards are more popular now, and we're getting
listings on the 4 major search engines (Google, Altavista, Yahoo,
and Lycos.) There's a few new members of the Poe Network.

Update by Scmpoe October 30 2004
We're at #2 on the Poe Network! We made a huge comeback from #5.
I added a new section, Event. That will have the current events
and battles. Around twice a week, a new battle will take place.
All the battles will be recorded. If you want to join in a
battle, e-mail .

Update by Scmpoe October 30 2004
Noo....I finally got the hacker off the site permanently, but
the site got lost on Google because of the hacker. Now we have to
wait 2-4 weeks to be back up again! This blows!
For the good news, Light by Hiss has been made. A link to the
downloads for all of Hiss's songs will be on the Silverfox
Productions page soon. I'm going to get some affilates for this
site and I'm going to promote the boards.

Update by Scmpoe October 28 2004
No! A hacker has broken into the site. Good thing I backed all
the files up. If the site is screwed in the next while, be
patient. I'll make him go away somehow...

Update by Scmpoe October 26 2004
Poe 2 has gone on for most of the summer and now we're close
to the end. But it's not done yet. The original Poe went on
in the summer until it became harder and we had to hide because
we had to watch out for traps. So it went on until around March
when Evil Poe was finally defeated. The Poe Party was in May
and was a HUGE success so we're having another Poe Party when
Poe 2 finishes (should be around Halloween time or early November)
I'm getting tired of making games. So I'm gonna take a break
and work on this site and on Hiss's album instead. I'm gonna
produce a few more games though before Christmas, which will
probably be StarElephant (a space shooter game), The Ottersey
(a side scrolling adventure), and another game, probably a
multiplayer one. After that, I'll probably just make new and
improved versions of old games. BTW, check out the BEST.....
site ever....Howard's Site.

Update by Scmpoe October 25 2004
OK, maybe they weren't up yesterday as I said they would be,
but at least the 3 new games are up now. Silverfox Productions
is making progress with their new album by Hiss. I might make
a Linan 2, with a totally different storyline and gameplay. If
I'm bored I'll do that. Meanwhile, the Zelda section is getting
better. Also, I'm going to get free web space from my friend so
that I can host more games and maybe even music!

Update by Scmpoe October 24 2004
3 new games will be here later today!!!! Mirrorz, Rock Revenge 2
and a better version of MysticalPig. Project Bomberman is coming
along well, even though we barely know anything about Java. The
game should come out around early November. I'm going to put up
Zelda strategy guides in the Zelda section.

Update by Scmpoe October 19 2004
The Zelda section is here! Even if it barely has anything....
Ok the next few games I will put up are a better version of
MysticalPig, Mirrorz, and Pang 2.0. I'm starting Project Bomberman.
It's a project to make a good bomberman game like the one
that Cyberjoueur used to have. It's going to be a Java game, and
will probably even have its own section in the Nav Menu.

Update by Scmpoe October 18 2004
Silverfox Racing is finally here! I added it to the games section.
The Ottersey Network is up, and Meet the Characters is halfway up.
When this site started out, it was supposed to be about Zelda.
Well, it's not really that anymore, but I'm adding a Zelda section
tomorrow. I've been watching the hit counter, and in 2 days, this site
received 21 hits. That's like 10 hits per day! Not bad.....a lot of
people must search Goron on Google or visit the Poe Network.

Update by Scmpoe October 17 2004
I got 2 new games up: Hudd and Hachlaf. Silverfox Racing will be
here really soon. I transfered the screwed-up games and the old
versions of Poe and Linan to my other website because I'm running
out of space on Tripod. Tomorrow the Ottersey Network will be up
and (Probably) so will Silverfox Racing!

Update by Scmpoe October 16 2004
I'm going to put a hit counter on this site to see how many people
visit the site. The Ottersey is now part of the Poe Network. Poe
Progress had been updates again! I'm the only staff on this site.
But someone else might join soon.

Update by Scmpoe October 16 2004
Remember the Ottersey? I wrote it like almost 2 years ago.
When Tripod shut down my old site, it wasn't there anymore.
Well now, I've put it back and I wrote the Ottersey 2: The War
of Kaching, which is more than twice as long. I'll have the old
Ottersey Network up soon, and Scmpoe downloads too.
Click Here to read the Ottersey!

Update by Scmpoe October 15 2004
We're on the first page on google if you search for
Goron!!! Soon we're gonna be #1!!! I put up a page where
you can view old layouts. You can find that Here
PoeNet is gonna host music!! That's a good thing
for ppl who like rap (like me :D) cuz most of it
will be rap. You can, though, request a song by e-mailing
me, I changed the Poe Progress layout
so now it's classified by weapons, spells, moves and items.
Poe Progress will be updated today. And about 100 ppl played
the games! That's good....

Update by Scmpoe October 12 2004
Goron planet has changed to Silver Version 3.0!! The
new layout is sorta too original looking, but it's ok.
Poe 1.1 and Linan 1.4 have been made! These are the latest
versions of those games, and the glitches have been fixed.
By the way if you see a glitch, plz e-mail
so that I'll know about it. A new game called Silverfox racing
is coming, in which characters from my previous games race
against each other. YES! we improved on google. We used to
be around the middle of the 3rd page if you search for Goron
and 2nd on the list in a search for Goron Planet. Now we're at the
top of the page in a search for Goron and 1st for Goron Planet!
Soon we hope to be #1 for Goron.

Update by Scmpoe October 8 2004
We have our own chat once again. It's still on Irc,
and this time its on the Chatsters network. Why did
LiveHarmony go down?....Everything was so good before
it did....Ok the new version of Poe is up for download,
and the old one is still there too. Now finally people
can access games without going way down the update list.
The Silverfox Productions site is up as well, even though
you can't really call it a site yet. And the most important
thing, Goron Planet is getting a layout change. Either a
blue background with yellow text or a dark background...
I don't know yet, it might be something totally different.
I'll decide soon, though, and Goron Planet 3.0 will be up!

Update by Scmpoe October 7 2004
It's almost been 3 months since this site massively
changed. And now, if you search Goron Planet on Google,
our site comes up first. Silverfox Productions has been
kinda laid back over the part 4 months, but now they're
resuming work on Hiss's album, Mobsta Lobsta. Poe has
been fixed and edited and the new version will be here
soon, as well as the new and final version of Linan. I
added some more buttons for the Poe Network, Poe Progress
and Silverfox Productions. Stupid Liveharmony never got
around to fixing their chat network, so we're going to
use a different network, but have our own chat, not one
hosted by And also, a big change awaits
Goron Planet. I'll have more on that in the next update.

Update by Scmpoe September 29 2004
Rock Revenge is up! It's a 2-player game but I'm trying
to make a multiplayer version. Also I've added a newer,
less glitchy version of Linan, Linan 1.4. Enjoy!

Update by Scmpoe September 24 2004
Hey...if you're just an anonymous visitor and don't
know what Goron Planetis's about the Boards,
Chat, Games, the Poe Network, Poe Progress and
Silverfox Productions. But it has a lot of stuff
that's coming soon. Also, if you're a discoverer of
mysteries, try Foxzap on the Poe Network. That has
a lot more hidden secrets than Goron Planet. Coming
soon are Rock Revenge, an online chat, and, my first
online game, Fox Pong!

Update by Scmpoe September 19 2004 it starts....Goron Planet's Quest for
fame! Right now, if you search goron on google,
Goron Planet is on the 3rd page. We wanna change
that to the 1st page, and 1st if possible, cuz
this is the only site (I think) on the internet
about Gorons. If you search Goron Planet, we
are 3rd on the list. In front of us is the Cheatplanet
pages for Zelda cheats. Why?????? Our goal right
now is to make Goron Planet come up first on
that search. Help us if you can by going to
google, searching for Goron Planet and clicking
on our link. Rock Revenge is coming soon! It's
a 2-player game. Also Pang 2.0 and Linan 2.0
are in the works.

Update by Scmpoe September 11 2004
One week of school has passed... And PoeNet is being
upgraded. A new chat is on the way, and so is a new
game, Rock Revenge. Also I am starting to make an RPG like
Runescape. If anyone wants to join, email

Update by Scmpoe August 30 2004
Damn...its back to school in just over a week and the Olympics
are over..... I added 2 new games, MysticalPig and Pang 1.0!

Update by Scmpoe August 23 2004
Shankingfish was not available to download, and neither was Poe for a long
time. Now, I put up Shankingfish, Poe, and Izzy-Arash Corp.'s first
full-length game called Linan up for download in the Games section.
Poe Network Here

Update by Scmpoe August 7 2004
The Poe Network is going to be up soon. On the Poe Network site,
we will also keep track of the progress in Poe. If you want to,
you can download an EXTREMELY screwed up game Here.

Update by Scmpoe July 26 2004
Did u notice the new icons? And yes, after a long time of
browsing through the internet, I finally found my lost link
to my old ezBoard. It's below. I'm going to add more stuff to Goron
Planet, like music and downloads. Keep checking back for updates.

Update by Scmpoe July 23 2004 wasn't "tomorrow" like I said it would be in the last
update, but I finally restored the site to what it used to be,
plus a new layout. If you want to join the staff, email

Update by Scmpoe July 9 2004
Ok...The site is getting a major layout change...soon everything
should be up. We're getting more staff too. We're gonna host SilverFox
Productions! Also, BlueKirby Productions might be hosted here too.
Come back tomorrow..everything should be up by then.